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Kenya Gakuyu-ini AA

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This coffee was produced by smallholder producers belonging to the Thirikwa Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS) delivering to the Gakuy-uini wet mill (locally known as a ‘factory’), located near the towns of Kerugoya and Kianyaga in Central Kenya.

Gakuy-ini is the Cooperative’s sole wet mill and, itself, is located at 1,600 metres above sea level. Smallholder producers delivering to the mill hail from the surrounding villages of Githiru, Gituba and Mukure, and their small farms (most of which are farmed as mixed use, with a blend of coffee trees – on average around 200-250 trees – and food crops) dot the southern slopes of Mt Kenya at 1,500 to 1,900 metres above sea level.

Cupping Notes: Nectarine, Blackberry & Maple