Colombia Buesaco Narino Community Lot

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This particular coffee comes from the small town of Buesaco in the Juanambú Canyon, a rich and lush Andean Valley. Our exporting partner in Colombia, Pergamino, traveled here in 2015 and found the area breathtakingly beautiful. Buesaco is an agricultural hub in Nariño and was one of the areas at the centre of many battles during the fight for independence. There are still remnants from these battles, such as an old bridge at the bottom of the canyon where an important battle was fought. Sadly, even up to the late 1990s, Buesaco was known for illegal drug activity and crime. Coffee has helped recover the area and brought in a safer form of income for a collection of producers.

Farm - Buesaco Narino

Varietal - Castillo, Caturra, Colombia 

Process - Fully Washed 

Altitude - 2,050 meters above sea level

Town/City - Buesaco 

Region - Narino

Owner - 50 smallholder producers 

Farm Size - 1 hectare on average 

Tasting Notes - Ribena, Maple Syrup, Honey